AQUA Premium (Plus) - Booster Set
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AQUA Premium Booster Sets offer Premium control panel with Premium Controller. This controller, developped specially for hydraulic applications, allows to monitor, visualize and access to work graphics and lists, offering on this way, a rigorous and efficient management of the system.  The Premium controller has the responsability for system control and protection. Integrating a monochromatic visualization touch panel, 3.5”. This autonomous system ensures the optimal management of frequency converters, ranging the flow and maintaining constant pressure, in the most efficient way. Also offering the possibility of better service sequency and pump rotation.
The visualization panel offers a structured navigation menu, windows and graphics. In the main screen, beyond discharge pressure indication, are indicated the instante speed values. Through the navigation windows, it’s possible to access, per pump and system, energy consumption values. All alarms and defects, can be consulted as well. Through microSD card, included, it’s possible to update and store system, events and alarms parameteres and configuration.
They can be selected in three distinct versions:

CFU Version – only with one frequency converter, rotating between pumps. This is, when one pump works at variable speed, the others work at constant speed.
CFD Version –  frequency converter dedicated per pump, this means, pumps work  isolated at variable speed.
DCF Version – two frequency converters dedicated to primary pumps. Secondary pumps work at constant speed.

Aqua Premium and Premium Plus can be fully customized, from it’s base structure, as customer or application requirements. These are Aqua Spec PM and Aqua Spec PP respectively.

AQUA Premium Plus

Aqua Premium Plus booster sets include Premium Plus Controller, with 5.7” colour touch panel. These are prepared to emergency pressure switches installation and/or reinforcement transducer. As well as, possible connection for flowmeter for instant and total flow visualization.


Model: AQUA Premium
Type: Variable speed
Start: Frequency Converter
Nr. of pumps: up to 4 pumps


Type: Vertical multistage
Model. BMV
Construction: AISI 304 stainless steel
Power: from 0,75 up to ... kW


Base frame: Steel
Painting: Resistante to humidity
Discharge manifold: AISI 304 stainless steel
Valves: Cut off and non return per pump, as system cut off
Discharge: Pressure transducer and pressure gauge
Tank: Replaceable membrane, for drinking water, up to 300 l


Three-phase power supply at 400V (50 Hz) for electric pumps between 0,75 and 37 kW


Maximum flow rate: up to 200 m³/h
Maximum head: up to 138 meters
Shut off pressure: up to 16,6 bar
QB - Peripheral Pumps and Units
JET-A - Self-Priming Pumps