CJG - Normalized Chemical Pumps
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CJG pumps are in accordance with ISO2858 (DIN24256) and ISO5199 and meet requirements for handling of organic and inorganic media in chemical, cellulose, paper, petrochemical and siderurgical industries, food manufacturing, etc. The ATEX version of the CJG pumps applies when the atmosphere of the installation area runs explosion risks. Both the CJG pump, and their ATEX and VCJG versions use the same casings and impellers.


Centrifugal, single-stage, horizontal, single-flow pump, volute casing, suction and discharge flanges according to DIN 2501 PN 16. Closed impeller with rear blades to compensate axial thrust. Shaft largely dimensioned, and free from contact with the handled liquid, through sleeve and joints. Bearing bracked with two oil-lubricated bearings (ISO 3448-VG46).
Shaft sealing by means of soft packing or mechanical seal, this one may be of any type or trade, provided in accordance to DIN 24960 and the service conditions.
VCJG pumps are the vertical arrangement of CJG pumps working immersed in water connected to a surface motor by means of a line shaft. The pump will have vertical suction and lateral discharge.


- Maximum working pressure 16 bar.
- Temperature of the liquid to be handled:
- without cooling or heating chamber -10 up to +105ºC
- with cooling or heating chamber -60 up to +300ºC
- Way of rotation direct (cw) viewed from drive end
- Min flow of max efficiency flow (Qn):
 0,3 x Qn - no time limit
 0,1 x Qn - in short duration

QB - Peripheral Pumps and Units
JET-A - Self-Priming Pumps