AQUA Premium - Vertical Multi-stage Pumps, Units and Sets
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The ideal solution for energy savings and high reliability.


> Flexibility in various operating options
> High energy savings
> Guarantee of constant pressure with automatic compensation for the pressure drop
> Factory tested
> Easy navigation touch panel
> Minimum maintenance
> Suitable to communicate with management system


This range is compact and characterized by including one or more EFAFLU vertical multistage pumps (without any maximum limit) made from AISI 304, installed on a baseform and discharge manifold in AISI 304 stainless steel with a gate valve and check valve in each of the pumps as well as a general gate valve on the manifold. The system includes, in the control panel, a Premium Controller as well as all the automatisms, frequency converters and protections required for independent operation with the system operating at variable velocity between 25 and 51 Hz. The pumps include a replaceable membrane tank for potable water. The energy consumption and guarantee of constant pressure maintenance or constant flow rate are optimised according to the versions adopted for the operation management of the actual station:
CFD – Each pump in this version has a Dedicated Frequency
CFU – This version has one Single Frequency Converter
with alternation between all the pumps. The remaining
pumps operate at constant velocity.
DCF – This version is characterized by having Two Frequency
Converters dedicated to the auxiliary pumps with
half the capacity of the main pumps.
The main pumps operate at a constant velocity.

QB - Peripheral Pumps and Units
JET-A - Self-Priming Pumps