Legal Terms
    1. The Customer undertakes to use this service complying with the law and regulations that are applicable to the same, as well as the Legal Terms stated here;
    2. The Efaflu may, at any time, amend, in whole or in part, the Legal Terms exposed here;
    3. The client can not change the contents of the Service or send messages that may contain viruses or cause any other damage;
    4. Customers shop online are considered final consumers, subject to settlement of VAT, except for residents in third countries outside the European Union space;
    1. May be purchased at the online store products properly identified in the respective catalogs;
    2. The non-availability in the online shop of any product does not mean that the same be exhausted in Efaflu, may be available through other distribution channel of the company.
    1. The prices shown in the catalog include VAT at the statutory rate in effect at the time of acquisition, which added the respective costs with postage;
    2. The price of the products, the VAT and the cost of shipping and handling are all properly broken down before the validation phase the checkout;
    3. Any other costs resulting from sending parcels abroad, including costs of customs clearance shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser of the product.
  4. ORDER
    1. The order of some product, chosen from among the existing product catalog is made by placing in shopping cart;
    2. For some products, properly identified in the online store, the acquisition may be limited to a certain number of copies;
    3. The request for cancellation is effective only when given the order number and customer name;
    4. The Efaflu bear the cost of the return postage costs when the item is damaged or if an error has occurred in your shipment.
    1. Products may be paid through various means of electronic payment available or by sending the order with payment to the collection, whose costs are borne by the client and are expensed in the sales document;
    2. The payment system "payshop" is only available for purchases greater than or equal to 5 euros;
    3. The gift vouchers can not be redeemed on the value of currency exchanges at face value in payment of postage and purchases with COD items;
    4. Can be used more than a check-in offer same purchase, provided that the total purchase amount exceeds.
    1. In Portugal Continental orders are delivered normally within 3 working days after the date of the respective payment;
    2. In the Autonomous regions and depending Islands, delivery time may vary between 3-8 business days;
    3. Deliveries in Europe and rest of the world vary according to the destination and shipping time;
    4. Should a situation of no stock the customer will be informed.
    1. Customer / user has the right to claim any defect, inaccuracy or inadequacy of the product for which it was ordered, within the legal deadlines established for this purpose.
    1. The individual record in the online store is made ​​in store on "Registration";
    2. This register allows the purchase process easier, with the recording of data identifying the client, allowing an immediate recognition of the same, without retyping;
    3. You can update your personal information online whenever you make a purchase at the online store;
    4. Access is restricted to the individual wearer and guaranteed by the use of a login and a password that must be changed on first use;
    5. These data are sent to the email client to enable confidentiality, being the sole responsibility of the user to further usage.
    1. The entire payment process, from the selection of the means of payment to the introduction of data inherent in the order payment is properly protected with appropriate electronic security tools.
    1. In this agreement applies to Portuguese law;
    2. For the resolution of disputes arising from this contract, the competent court of the District of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other.