EFAFLU provides CCI - STOPFIRE Fire Fighting System for Edifício de Apoio a Operações de Socorro.

The Fire Fighting System (European standard EN12845) was designed and manufactured by EFAFLU for the new building of the Autoridade Nacional de Proteção Civil (ANEPC).

The new CDOS - Comando Distrital de Operações de Socorro, with more robust and resistant installations to natural and technological hazards, will enable more effective monitoring and assurance of continuity of command, control and coordination in the timely response to emergency situations affecting the tourist region of the Algarve. Another important achievement in the ANEPC program.

This Fire Fighting System is equipped with high energy efficiency motors and was tested in the new EFAFLU laboratory - the largest in Portugal - capable of testing flow rates up to 7000 m3/h.

EFAFLU's new factory has doubled production capacity and will in 2019 reach a record number of manufactured fire protection equipment.