University of Minho visit EFAFLU

On November 7th, EFAFLU was visited by students of the Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minho after supplying 12 EFAFLU pumps for use in the practical classes of a Curricular Unit in order to motivate students to acquire integral knowledge in the course.

For UM teachers it was crucial to choose a product made in Portugal to enable students involved in the discipline (about 120), the contact with industrial environments. This led to a partnership between UM and EFAFLU, the largest Portuguese manufacturer of pumping and ventilation systems.

At EFAFLU we have every confidence in the quality of our engineering, and we seek to provide good career opportunities for young people who make future with us.

EFAFLUcontributes in this way to the learning of future engineers with the more than 70 years of experience that the life of this company already takes.